"An impeachment inquiry into Biden is the next natural step," McCarthy asserts


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggested the possibility of an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden, stating that it could be the next natural step in the legislative process. 

McCarthy, a Republican from California, has avoided committing to an impeachment vote thus far.

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Some Republican members of the House are interested in investigating Joe Biden over allegations related to his son Hunter, particularly concerning financial matters. However, no improper conduct by the president has been proven thus far.

McCarthy mentioned that passing a short-term spending measure to keep the government operational beyond September would allow ongoing investigations related to Hunter Biden. 

This temporary measure would provide more time to reach a long-term budget agreement and avoid anticipated spending cuts for the next year.

In an interview with Fox News, McCarthy commented that an impeachment investigation would provide Congress with the necessary legal authority to obtain all required information in the process. 

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However, he also acknowledged the political challenges and the Democratic majority in the Senate, making it unlikely for Biden to be removed if subjected to impeachment by the House of Representatives.

McCarthy's stance walks a delicate balance, aiming to maintain support for Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential campaign while safeguarding the fragile Republican majority in the House of Representatives.