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viernes, 11 de agosto de 2023

DeSantis suggests using drones to attack Mexican cartels if he becomes US president

Twitter / Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor and potential US presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Ron DeSantis, stated that he is willing to use drones to attack Mexican cartels, which he labeled as terrorist organizations.

During a rally in Iowa, DeSantis emphasized that if he becomes the president of the United States, he will use whatever force is necessary to defend his country.

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"We would be willing to lean into that (drones) and reserve the right to defend our country," he noted.

The Florida governor accused the Mexican government of not doing enough to combat the cartels, which he blamed for killing tens of thousands of Americans, as well as human trafficking and sexual abuse.

DeSantis, known for advocating policies against migrants, has criticized the way Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's administration is addressing the issue of organized crime along the US-Mexico border.

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"We need to hold the cartels accountable, and we need to hold the Mexican government accountable because they're letting this happen way too much," he said.

Previously, DeSantis had accused President López Obrador of having a "disaster on his hands" due to his approach to combating organized crime.

President López Obrador has stated that DeSantis' remarks are political maneuvering because he wants to be a US presidential candidate, aiming to climb in the polls, which currently favor former President Donald Trump.