A judge has nullified Florida's electoral map promoted by DeSantis, deeming it unconstitutional


A judge in Florida has nullified a new electoral map promoted by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, citing that it violates the state constitution by reducing options for African American voters, and has banned its use in future elections.

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Judge J. Lee Marsh determined that the new electoral map, enacted last year, reduces the chances for African American voters to elect a candidate of their preference. 

This is due to the division of a district with a high African American population into several smaller districts where the proportion of Black voters is no longer the same.

Governor DeSantis played a significant role in shaping this new electoral map and vetoed a previous plan approved by the state legislature. He convened a special legislative session in which the map he designed was approved.

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The judge's decision could take the case to the Florida Supreme Court, which is dominated by justices appointed by DeSantis. 

This could have significant implications for upcoming elections in Florida and could spark a debate about the limits on electoral redistricting in the state.