Biden criticizes Trump at Labor Day event: "The guy who held the job before me left with fewer jobs."


President of the United States, Joe Biden, made critical comments about his predecessor, Donald Trump, during an event commemorating Labor Day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Biden stated that Trump is one of the few presidents in U.S. history who left office with fewer jobs than when he assumed the presidency.

While Biden did not mention Trump by name, he referred to him as "the guy who held the job before me." During his speech, Biden emphasized his commitment to job creation in the United States and highlighted that his administration had created 800,000 new jobs in the manufacturing sector since taking office in January 2021.

Biden also made reference to individuals who do not fulfill their tax obligations, urging them to pay their taxes. 

While he did not directly mention Trump, the reference appeared to be related to the legal and financial issues the former president has faced regarding his tax returns and his company's finances.

The U.S. president also addressed criticism about his age, as he is the first president in U.S. history to assume office in his eighth decade. Biden asserted that age brings wisdom and dismissed concerns about his mental capacity to govern.

However, a Wall Street Journal poll published on the same day of the event showed that a significant majority of voters believe Biden is "too old to run" for reelection. 

Despite his efforts to promote his economic agenda, a significant portion of respondents disapprove of his economic policies.

This poll suggests that as the 2024 presidential elections approach, Biden will face challenges in terms of public perception of his leadership and his ability to address economic and inflation-related issues.