A federal judge has paused the trial against Trump for electoral interference while the courts decide on his immunity claim


La federal judge Tanya Chutkan has temporarily suspended the electoral interference case against Donald Trump in Washington. This pause is due to the ongoing debate about the former president's immunity from prosecution, an argument yet to be tested in courts.
Chutkan's decision increases the likelihood of postponing the trial set for March 4th while this unexamined legal argument is being debated.

Subsequently, the federal appeals court in Washington granted prosecutors' request to expedite the appeal. However, a date for the arguments hasn't been set, although a deadline has been established for the submission of the case records.

This matter holds significant weight for both sides. A ruling in favor of Trump could dismiss the case entirely, and a protracted appeal might delay the process, possibly extending beyond next year's elections, favoring the former president's ambitions to return to the White House.

Chutkan's order is the latest development in a conflict concerning the boundaries of presidential power, a matter that might reach the federal Supreme Court for the first time in US history.

A spokesperson for Trump's campaign hailed the judge's decision as "a major victory for former President Trump and the rule of law," asserting that the Constitution should not be dismissed in a groundless case against a leading presidential candidate.

Following Chutkan's rejection of Trump's immunity claims, his attorneys appealed and sought the suspension of the case. Meanwhile, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith sought to expedite the process by asking the federal Supreme Court for a ruling on immunity to proceed with the case. The Supreme Court indicated a swift decision on whether to accept the case and requested Trump's lawyers' response before December 20th, although a final stance has not been defined.

Cases before the Supreme Court typically take several months from the judges' decision to hear it to issuing a final ruling. Smith urged swift action on this matter.