Republicans seek Biden's removal through the 25th Amendment following reports of his poor memory


Several Republican lawmakers are urging members of President Joe Biden's cabinet to invoke an amendment of the Constitution to remove him from office after a prosecutor's report indicated that the president has a poor memory.

"Merrick Garland (the Attorney General) has a duty to invoke the 25th Amendment with his fellow cabinet members. Either prosecute Biden. If he won't prosecute, then invoke the 25th now," said Senator Josh Hawley on Friday on the social media platform X.

The 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution allows members of the cabinet to sideline the president if they consider him incapable of performing the powers and duties of the office.

If that were to happen, the current Vice President Kamala Harris would assume the presidency until the next elections in November.

Republican Representative Claudia Tenney also sent a letter to Garland yesterday, requesting that he invoke the 25th Amendment in the cabinet.

Republican lawmakers made these requests after Special Prosecutor Robert Hur presented his report on Biden's handling of classified documents on Thursday.

Hur concluded that Biden intentionally withheld classified documents from his time as vice president but decided not to file charges against him.

However, what drew the most attention in the report was that Hur stated Biden showed "significantly limited memory" during the interrogations conducted in 2023.

The special prosecutor revealed that Biden did not remember the dates when he served as Vice President and had difficulty recalling the date of his son Beau's death in 2015.

In a press conference on Thursday night at the White House, Biden defended that his memory is in good condition, but at one point, he referred to the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as the "President of Mexico."

Biden's lapses, at 81 years old, the oldest president to occupy the White House, are becoming more frequent, posing a potential issue during his reelection campaign.