Trump Criticizes Decision Not to Press Charges Against Biden for Document Withholding: 'His Crimes Are Being Swept Under the Rug


Former U.S. President Donald Trump criticized on Thursday that the investigation into President Joe Biden for withholding classified documents when he was vice president did not result in formal charges.

"He mishandled classified information. He sold our country out every step of the way. And now, his crimes are being swept under the rug," said the former president in a statement distributed by his campaign team.

Meanwhile, Republicans called on the U.S. Justice Department on Thursday to "use a double standard" with former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

"Americans expect equal justice under the law and are dismayed that the Department of Justice continues to allow Joe Biden to live above it," said James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, in a statement.

Trump, the leading contender in the Republican Party's primary process for the upcoming November general elections, lamented that, in contrast, the legal process continues in his case for withholding official documents, including nearly a hundred classified documents, at his Florida residence.

Biden has been under investigation since a year ago when classified documents from his time as vice president under Barack Obama were found in his Delaware home and a private office.

Special prosecutor Robert Hur concluded that Biden intentionally withheld classified documents from his time as vice president but that there is not enough justification to file charges against him.

According to publicly available information, the number of documents in question in Biden's investigation is around 20, while Trump allegedly illegally retained hundreds of documents, several of them with classified information, which were recovered in an FBI raid.