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martes, 19 de marzo de 2024

Trump will vote in the Florida primaries, where he has his main residence


Florida, the official state of residence of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021), opened the polls this Tuesday morning for a Republican primary without significance in the presidential elections and amid the already aggressive national campaign between the Republican and the current president, Democrat Joe Biden.

In this uncontested Republican primary, the so-called "Sunshine State" offers 125 delegates who will presumably add to Trump's count, who already secured more than the 1,215 he needed before the Republican National Convention in July to formalize his candidacy.

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The campaign in Florida, as in the rest of the country, including Arizona, Louisiana, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio, which also have primaries this Tuesday, is already national and with migration as the recurring theme of an aggressive debate.

"I think what we have seen is a Trump who ran in the primary as an incumbent, basically winning all the contests," Republican strategist Alfonso Aguilar told EFE.

He emphasized that if we observe the attacks of Trump and those of Biden, it is clear since last February that the world is watching the rematch between the two for next November.

For Aguilar, the primaries in Florida are going to mobilize people to make clear that support for Trump, to "demonstrate that the Republican conservative base is solidly behind him" despite the four criminal charges he faces.

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Although Trump's campaign has not announced whether the former president will have public events in Florida, he will presumably vote in Palm Beach, in the southwest of the state.

There he owns the Mar-a-Lago club, which is his main residence since Manhattan ceased to be so and which became a kind of winter White House during his presidency.

In addition to Trump, the ballot in Florida includes six other candidates already withdrawn from the contest, such as Governor Ron DeSantis, since by law only those who officially did so until last December 12 can be erased.

Trump's political godson has kept a bit on the sidelines of the former president's campaign, although he offered his support when he withdrew last January.

The state's Democratic Party included only the name of President Biden on the primary ballot and thus canceled its primaries.

President Biden will offer campaign rallies this Tuesday in the key states of Nevada and Arizona, as part of an aggressive initiative to revitalize parts of his 2020 electoral coalition made up of minorities, including African Americans and Latinos.

With this panorama, the primaries in Florida will gain some importance to define local candidates who could influence the November elections in the composition of the majorities in both chambers of Congress in Washington.

Likewise, the Latino vote, which continues to grow in the country, will be measured.