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miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2024

Trump's son-in-law proposes relocating Palestinians to the desert, considering the Gaza coast valuable for investors


Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, considered a figure of great influence over the former president, believes that one of the solutions to the Gaza war would be to relocate Palestinians to the Israeli desert of Negev.

Although his words date back to February 15, and Harvard University, where he was speaking, posted them two weeks later on a YouTube channel, it was in the last few hours that some controversy was generated by the scope of those words and others in which he says that the Gaza coast could be "valuable" for investors.

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Kushner himself came out yesterday to defend himself on his X account saying that there are people "dishonestly using parts of his speech for sensationalist purposes", and offering a link to his complete intervention, but the words leave no room for doubt.

Kushner said: "If I were Israel right now, I would demolish parts of the Negev with excavators and try to move people there. I know it's not the most popular solution, but it's the best way that one can go and finish the job (in Gaza)".

"With the correct diplomacy, I believe that this can be possible," he adds, after acknowledging that Egypt, the country bordering Gaza, has been opposed to the mass displacement of Palestinians.

Another of the phrases that caused controversy was: "Properties on the Gaza seafront could be very valuable if people could focus on building livelihoods".

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Jared Kushner, married to Ivanka Trump, served as an advisor to Donald Trump during his presidency and was in charge of relations with the Arab world; he is considered the godfather of the Abraham Accords, as the United States called the various agreements recognizing Israel by Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Morocco.

After the tumultuous end of the Trump administration, Jared Kushner (of Jewish confession) assured that he would not return to the administration in case his father-in-law returned to power, but he continues to be considered a man of great influence on the Republican leader in Arab issues and a staunch defender of the alliance with Israel.