Authorities count 96 dead from wildfires in Hawaii and estimate hundreds missing


The wildfires on the island of Maui in Hawaii, United States, have resulted in a devastating tragedy with 96 confirmed deaths so far. These fires have become the worst fire disaster in terms of fatalities in the United States in the last century.

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In the past hours, three more bodies were found amidst the charred ruins of the historic tourist town of Lahaina, bringing the death toll to 96. However, authorities fear that the number could continue to rise as hundreds of people remain missing.

The search and recovery of victims are in an early stage, and search teams, assisted by specialized dogs, are expected to find more bodies among the debris in the affected areas. 

While an exact number of missing individuals hasn't been confirmed, Maui Police Department Chief John Pelletier previously estimated that there could be around a thousand missing persons.

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The areas affected by the wildfires have suffered significant devastation. Many towns, including Lahaina, have been nearly completely destroyed. So far, only about 3% of the affected area has been inspected due to difficulties in accessing the devastated zones.

To manage traffic and ensure safety in the affected areas, an access placard system will be implemented, prioritizing different categories such as residents, emergency personnel, and volunteers.

Aside from the human losses, communities also face issues with the supply of clean water in some areas affected by the fires, leading to the distribution of bottled water and the opening of emergency shelters to provide assistance to the affected individuals.