Republican Mitch McConnell becomes paralyzed during a conference for the second time


US Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader in the Senate, once again experienced a moment where he appeared to become paralyzed during a press conference at the Covington Chamber of Commerce in Kentucky. 

McConnell, 81 years old, remained silent for about 30 seconds after a journalist asked him about his plans for running for reelection in 2026. During this time, an aide approached him to check on his condition.

This incident is reminiscent of another one that occurred in July in the Senate, where McConnell also remained silent for about 20 seconds before being moved away from the cameras. 

At that time, it was reported that he had suffered a fall while disembarking from an airplane two weeks prior.

McConnell has had health issues in the past, including a hospitalization in March for a concussion and rib fracture due to a fall. 

Despite these episodes, he has been an influential Republican leader in the Senate for many years and has championed several key political agendas for his party.

The relationship between McConnell and former President Donald Trump cooled after the 2020 presidential elections when McConnell acknowledged Joe Biden's victory. 

Despite this distancing, McConnell remains a significant figure in American politics.