The sentencing of the former leader of the Proud Boys, who organized the assault on the Capitol, has been postponed to September 5th


The sentencing hearing for Enrique Tarrio, former leader of the Proud Boys, has been postponed until September 5th due to the presiding judge's illness. Tarrio was convicted for his role in the assault on the Capitol carried out by the far-right militia on January 6, 2021.

Prosecutors have requested a 33-year sentence for Tarrio, a sentence that would be nearly twice the longest handed down so far in trials related to the assault.

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The former leader of the Proud Boys had been arrested and removed from the capital before the Capitol attack occurred. 

However, prosecutors argue that Tarrio organized and directed the assault remotely, using his charisma and propaganda skills to inspire his followers.

Tarrio was convicted in May, along with three lieutenants, for seditious conspiracy under a rarely used law from the Civil War era. 

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The indictment focused on his role in the January 6 attack and his ongoing promotion of the actions that led to that event.

This case adds to hundreds of other trials related to the Capitol attack, showcasing how false claims and actions by extremist leaders and former President Donald Trump led to violence and chaos in the U.S. capital, undermining the peaceful transfer of presidential power.

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