The hurricane "Idalia" leaves two dead in Florida as it advances towards South Carolina


Hurricane "Idalia," which made landfall on the northwest coast of Florida as a major hurricane, has left two people dead and continued its path towards the east coast of the United States. 

The hurricane initially hit the coast as a major hurricane, accompanied by strong winds and dangerous storm surges. 

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The two fatalities were reported in Pasco County, north of Tampa, where a man crashed into a tree due to adverse weather conditions, and in Alachua County, where a driver died after driving into a ditch during heavy rain.

Although "Idalia" weakened to a Category 1 hurricane after making landfall, it still poses a significant threat. Meteorologists and authorities warned about the risk of storm surges and coastal flooding as the hurricane moves northward. Residents were urged to take precautions and not underestimate the danger.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared that the state of emergency will persist for a few days and urged citizens to take safety measures and remain sheltered until the danger passes.

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Hurricane "Idalia" is expected to cross southern Georgia and reach South Carolina, and both states have also declared states of emergency to be prepared for potential damage and assistance needs.

The hurricane's arrival left nearly 280,000 customers without electricity in Florida, and power outages are expected to extend to Georgia and South Carolina as the hurricane continues its trajectory.