Trump's mansion at Mar-a-Lago appears listed on a real estate website; former president's son denies its sale or transfer


US media outlets have reported that former US President Donald Trump sold his property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, to his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., shortly before being arrested in Georgia. 

However, Eric Trump, another son of the former president, has stated that the property has not been sold or transferred.

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Although a listing on the real estate website Zillow indicated that the property was sold on August 4th for $422 million, valuing the mansion at $24 million, local media has reported that the sale was made for a significantly higher value than its actual worth.

The news of the sale has sparked contradictions among Trump's children. Eric Trump has stated on his social media that the reports of the sale are false and that Zillow has corrected its listing. 

According to him, Mar-a-Lago has not been sold or transferred at all.

It's worth noting that in November of last year, during an investigation, FBI agents searched the Mar-a-Lago mansion and found a significant number of documents, some labeled as "top secret," "secret," or "classified." 

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Trump faces legal charges related to mishandling classified documents and his refusal to return classified documents to the government. 

The charges are linked to his attempts to thwart government efforts to retrieve these documents, which span information from nuclear secrets to US defense capabilities.