Biden and Trump attend few campaign events while rivals increase rallies


Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the leading contenders in their respective parties for the 2024 presidential elections, have been relatively absent from the campaign trail at this point. 

Both frontrunners in the polls have been focusing their attention on other matters, and their campaign strategies vary.

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Biden has been more focused on governing and promoting his achievements as president. He has held fewer campaign events and maintained a lower profile compared to his previous presidential campaign.

 His campaign team is working on strengthening his national and state-level infrastructure to ensure he is ready for the electoral contest later on.

On the other hand, Trump has been dealing with multiple legal issues, including criminal charges in several jurisdictions. These legal issues have occupied much of his attention and prevented him from holding regular campaign events. 

However, his appearances in jails and courtrooms have been highly publicized and have served as campaign events in themselves.

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Both candidates have different reasons for their relative absence from the campaign trail at this time, but they are likely to increase their involvement as the 2024 elections draw closer. 

Trump's focus on his legal issues may shift as his legal process progresses, while Biden is likely to ramp up his campaign as the primary season approaches.