Trump plans to build an office complex in Florida while seeking to postpone the payment of a $464 million fine for fraud


The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, plans to build an office complex in Palm Beach (Florida), while he fights to pause the fine of about $464 million that a judge in New York imposed on him after finding him guilty of fraud.

The construction of the new office complex at the Trump National Golf Club, 4,186 square meters and three stories high in the town of Jupiter, can reach a cost of $15 million, this Wednesday collected the newspaper The Palm Beach Post.

The details of these plans are known after the former president announced that several of his companies that previously operated in New York now have as their headquarters the address of the Trump National Golf Club, in Jupiter.

A New York judge ordered Trump (2017-2021) and his co-defendants in February to pay the fine for damages and interest for violating a New York anti-fraud statute.

The presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump for the next November presidential elections insisted again this Tuesday that he does not have liquidity to pay the bail, unless he resorts to mortgaging or selling "large assets, perhaps at a bargain price".

Trump's lawyers and his co-defendants in the fraud case argued that "the defendants' continuous and diligent efforts have shown that a bond for the total amount of the sentence is 'a practical impossibility'".

New York State Judge Arthur Engoron concluded that Trump's companies participated in a conspiracy that lasted for years to deceive banks and insurers about the size of his wealth and the value of his properties.

These properties include Trump Tower, in Manhattan; the Mar-a-Lago residence, in Palm Beach, and Trump's golf clubs in the United States, in addition to the aforementioned Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter.

Trump appealed the decision, but must pay the bail that covers the amount plus daily accrued interest, pending review of the case by a higher court.

The former president offered an appeals court to pay a bail of $100 million to pause the fine with interest that a judge in New York imposed on him.

Trump's operations in Florida include the Trump National, the Trump International Golf Course, in West Palm Beach, and the private club Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, in addition to being the owner of the Trump National Doral, in Miami-Dade County.

The plans for the construction of the office complex have not yet been presented to the city council of the city of Jupiter, but they could be presented next April for review and evaluate whether it fits the zoning regulations, added the aforementioned newspaper.

While the tycoon continues with this real estate project, it remains to be seen if, if his offer of a lower amount for the appeal bond is rejected, which could force him to sell real estate assets or run the risk that the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, will seize them, according to this medium.